HSI Memories

I learned a lot from my classes, about life and education, and many other things. I have a lot of favorite memories, but I don’t know if I can pinpoint one- there’s too many!! I learned a lot about engineering, how to program a robot, and that you have blind spots in your eyes. I also learned about taking photos, writing blogs (Obviously!), and looking closer at the media that we all tune into every day. I learned different techniques in photography, and how to interiew someone, and then write a report on it. I learned that there are many opinions out there, and that even if we don’t all agree on a subject, we still need to respect one another’s opinions.

The funniest thing that happened to me… Well, there was a time when I was sitting at dinner with Hunter Knight, Courtney and my roommate, Megan, and Hunter told the funniest story ever. He said that he was at a buffet style place, and was looking at what was there. He saw what looked like scoops of vanilla ice cream, and was pretty happy about it. He grabbed a large pile and put it on his plate, and then realized that it wasn’t ice cream. It was butter! The person working nearby said that he had to eat what he got, so he took a bite. Later, he slid it onto someone else’s plate! We all laughed SOOO hard about it!

I think that I’ve grown a LOT from being at HSI. By nature, my family and I are not outgoing. It was hard enough for me on the first day to make eye contact with people. Now I’ve become a lot more confident and outgoing than before, and I think that my growth is a very good thing. I’ve learned that I can’t care about what everyone thinks about me, because I am who I am. I can’t please everyone, and I just need to be who I want to be- not what others think I should be.

If I could re-live HSI, I probably would be more outgoing in the beginning instead of waiting until the end to really get to know people. Then again, it takes baby steps sometimes to get better at something; so I’m getting there!!

I’m going to tell my family and friends a lot about HSI. It was amazing, interesting, helped me learn more, and I was able to meet more diverse people, and learn about others. I had SOOO much fun, and I wish we had activities like this in Greybull. (Swimming, the gym, different things like that.) I’m going to REALLY miss a lot of people- I’ll have to get a lot of pictures!! I had a lot of fun being myself and going to dances and other activities, and having fun. Now I can say that I’ve been to a complete ‘nerd dance’!! I won’t miss the Washakie Center’s food service, and I can’t wait for my mom’s cooking, and when I can bake! I learned a lesson I can’t seem to learn- keep hydrated, or you’ll pass out! I really need to work on that one!! I had a lot of fun with my roommate, and truthfully, I was scared about who my roommate would be before I came to HSI, but she was awesome!!! I’m sad that Wyoming is so spread out- I won’t get to see very many people often, and that makes me sad. At least I do music! Quite a few people compete and do many things in music here!!!!

I think that HSI prepared me for college in many ways. One way is that I can’t always depend on someone else to do things for me, I need to accomplish them myself. Also, I can’t go home to get something that I forgot, or to visit. When you’re in college you can’t go home all of the time, and so I think that I’ve gotten a taste of what it feels like to be away from home for a while. It wasn’t too bad, though I was worried before I left to come here that I would get very homesick. Maybe that’s why they keep us so busy… 🙂

Well, it’s the last full day, and I really don’t want to make a scene, so I guess that I’ll just not think about the ‘L’ word- leaving! I’ll really miss it here!!!! I loved it! 😀 

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Two days??!!

I can’t believe that there are only TWO DAYS left in HSI. It seemed like only yesterday that people were counting the days until they could be back in their own beds! I really don’t want to leave, but at the same time I do want to see my family again…. Ahhhh! 😦 I feel as if we need another week, I just got to really know people here- and now I probably won’t see them for another two years!!


Stereotypes: Past and Future

Gender stereotypes have only changed slightly in the fact that the women are portrayed as working out of the home. They are still the “Damsel in Distress”, and the hero is almost always a man. (Such as in “Journey 2”.) However, the media is changing. For example, in “The Hunger Games”, Katniss is the hero, which is a big switch from the classic Hollywood feel.

Racial stereotypes have changed slightly, but there is still some stereotypical things portrayed in the media. Blacks and Native Americans aren’t mocked as much anymore, and are usually used to portray a bullying problem, which the main character resolves in the end.

GLBT people are actually showing up in our media now, and some T.V. shows are accepting it, instead of ignoring them completely. GLBT people are usually portrayed as they are in real life, but I don’t know a lot about it, so I can’t really say much about it. People with disabilities are usually portrayed as being strange, weird, dumb, or as complete hermits. I think that those stereotypes are VERY unfair. Of course, there are those that do act like that, but they aren’t stupid. Just because they can’t carry on a conversation normally or do math quickly doesn’t make them dumb. I know someone who is very close to me that is disabled, and she is the sweetest, most amazing person ever. She has amazing art skills, and is SOOO much fun to be around. I don’t see why people still portray them as stupid invalids; it isn’t fair!

Now days, it seems that most of the popular shows aren’t about the stereotypes, or they aren’t mixed into the movie or T.V. show. Though, there are a lot of gender stereotypes still, since the man is the ripped, crazy attractive, cheeky hero that saves the sassy, stunningly gorgeous, blonde girl in distress. It’s pretty unrealistic since most of the time in reality neither side has “movie-star” looks, or dramatic looks and music that stun everyone. I couldn’t really name some examples of T.V. shows with stereotypes in them, since I haven’t thought a lot about it, or seen it in the media that I watch or look at.


Impacts of Digital Media Use

During school, I almost never multitask- there aren’t any chances for me to do it. All the sites that you would use to listen to music or to look up your social life are blocked, and I’m more focused on my studies, I don’t have time to be distracted. I’m much more dedicated to my education than I am to a social media site. As for texting, I don’t have a phone, so it’s not a problem – plus, it’s just rude when someone is texting when you’re having a conversation. It is very irritating.

Outside of school, I multitask sometimes. I think the most common one is I’m doing one task while listening to music. Reading, doing homework, looking at Facebook; I don’t always listen to the lyrics, but it helps me to concentrate some days. I admit that some days I have to turn it off because I become distracted by the music, but otherwise, I enjoy listening to it.

I don’t think that anyone is very good at multitasking. I think that if you try to do too many things at once, you will get very distracted, and nothing will really get done. I usually have to mentally berate myself, and stop multitasking when I need to get something important done; such as homework. I can get distracted pretty easily on certain days, and it really slows down my rate of production. It is easier to focus on one task, and get it done before moving on to the next one.

I think that multitasking is already in schools, no matter how hard people try to stop it. I can see them becoming more lenient because many schools are already providing iPads for their students. I think that schools will have to change with the times, though I don’t believe that it is for the better, because people need to focus more on the real world, not the virtual one. People will press for more technology use in schools, and soon it will become too difficult to block EVERYTHING that the school doesn’t want the students on.

I think that there are a lot of consequences with a society being stuck in the virtual world. People will be less connected with the real world, and what is going on, and even if they do know about it, they have to tear themselves away from the screens before going to do the activity. I think that it will cause a lot of problems, one of them being knowing how to communicate. That sounds ridiculous, but many people don’t know how to have a conversation. People use ‘text talk’ all of the time, and it is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. ‘Text talk’ is for your text messages, not the person that you are talking to that may not understand half of the acronyms that you are throwing out there. Even when people get nervous, the first thing that they go for is their phone to text someone or check their status.